It means UNDERSTANDING the newest RESEARCH which says: SATURATED FAT is NOT the enemy (hint: SUGAR and starchy carbs ARE)


It means revving up the metabolism you may never have had before–and being able to SCULPT your body even into your 40s, 50s, and 60s.


It means EATING a diet RICH in whipping cream, coconut oil, avocado and grass-fed butter–and GETTING LEAN BECAUSE of it.


It means TAKING on HARD CHALLENGES at 68, as MY MOM is, by TRAINING for your first FIGURE COMPETITION!


It means listening to your body and feeding it the good fuel it needs, NOT the starchy carbs that pack on pounds and make you SLUGGISH.


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FREE Two-Week Perimeno Strong Support Group


This is an online challenge group for women who are unwilling to go on fad diets, undergo extreme surgeries, or deprive themselves of real food in order to lose stubborn belly fat, even though they are dismayed at how they look and feel at this time in their lives.

We will focus on a revolutionary approach to nutrition, based on a high-fat/ low-carb/ ketogenic/ fat-adapted diet that models how butter is good and high-fat/ low-carb is the best way for women to slim down, as well as a TOTAL health solution that includes strategic, tailored, doable, fitness programs that will help you finally move the needle on the scale and target your problem areas.


Want to kick start your Keto Lifestyle, but not sure what to do? Here is a simple 7-day plan for you, complete with:

  • Menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner–for an entire week

  • Recipe for your morning hydration drink–a must when you are transitioning to Keto!

  • Approximate macronutrient breakdown and calorie count for each day so you can know what you’re eating and stay on track.


Easy Build Muscle-Lean Out-Burn Fat Meal Plan

       Here is a plan that is meant for those WORK on their FITNESS REGULARLY and who desire to see MEASURABLE results. Thus it is not AS high fat or even low carb as you might be used to. But this is a ringer plan for those who want to make muscle GAINS and burn...

Italian Cheez-Its

Italian Cheez-It crackers.  Whodathunkit? But these little bite-sized wonders are delicioso, made with NO grain whatsoever, high in fat and protein and almost carb-free!  If you sub out the 4-cheese Italian blend for sharp cheddar, you really DO get that classic boxed...

Superfood Fat Bomb

Trendy and Pricey  Fat Bombs, have you heard of them? Those doses of luxurious fat mixtures people are putting in their morning coffee in order to rev up the metabolism? Well, they are here and they're pretty trendy right now.  Which means they can be very expensive....

Road Food for Fit Foodies

  Road Food for Fit Foodies For the healthy conscious road food can instill fear (What am I going to eat while I travel?), and for the "fit foodies' it can bring joy (Oh, the adventuresome good I'll find along the way!).  For me, road food  is usually a...


Are you interested in trying the low-carb/high fat ‘keto’ diet but find it all a bit daunting? Macro nutrient calculators, food scales, diet apps and the pressure of figuring out what to eat when making your head spin? Then Keto Fix is for you. Here’s how to use it.

  • Calculate your daily caloric inake level of A, B or C from the 21 Day Fix Guide or the Portion Fix Guide that came with your color coded containers.  If you do not HAVE either of these guides and the containers that go with them, purchase them here (link: https://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BBPortionFix?referringRepid=83013)

  • Then, simply follow your level (A, B, C) as found on the Keto Fix chart.  The number of each color coded container portions you are allowed each day are clearly marked for you. Easy peasy!

  • And, that’s it! Now, get going with your chosen workout, eat your containers each day and watch the changes in your health and body happen!