Posh for Pennies

My name is Kelli and I am the person behind the passion here at Posh for Pennies.  I started traveling, cooking and seeking ways to maximize my budget, wherever I went or lived, starting in my 20s.

Now, over 25 years later, I have learned some great tips that I know can help OTHERS do the same.  Over these years I have had the privilege of living in 4 countries and traveling to almost 40.

I have slept on trains and  also slumbered in palaces.  I have snacked from food carts and also dined in 5 Star restaurants. I have flown coach (mostly!) but also enjoyed First Class.

All on a Budget

But one thing has ALWAYS been the same.  Until recently, I did all of my snacking, sipping, dining, traveling and living on less than $40K a year.  How? I learned to be smart, savvy, and know when to splurge and when to save.  I literally learned how to live Posh for Pennies.

That’s why I started this blog.  To help others do the same.  My focus is to SERVE, to help others live life to the fullest– their own version of Posh for Pennies.

And why not, right? Life is beautiful but goes fast! So, come on! Let’s enjoy lavish, luxurious adventures around the globe (or close to home) that don’t cost a fortune and don’t blow the budget.

Thank You!

I appreciate your checking out this community.  I am constantly working to improve it, working to provide  maximum value to you, my friends and readers.

My goal is to help you find deals, learn tips and discover how to maximize your life, as you stretch your dollars and find creative ways to live your life “Posh for Pennies.”

If you have questions about an article, an upcoming workout group my team is hosting, a wellness product suggested, a travel destination featured–or anything of the sort–I would love to connect with you!

Let’s Connect

Please feel free to contact me today by filling out the below form.  In exchange I will send you a FREE gift—no strings or obligations, ever.  No unwanted emails streaming into your inbox.  You let me know HOW and IF you’d like to be in touch.



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