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To me, living ‘posh for pennies’ means making my money stretch in ways that are: HEALTHY, SMART, DELISH and VALUABLE.

The most obvious way I do that DAILY is to drink my Shakeology. It’s a healthy + tasty wholefoods shake that gives me 9 servings of veggies and antioxidants, stress busting ‘superfoods’ and so much more–every day.

Never heard of Shakeology, but want to try it for yourself? Just like FREE stuff? That’s GREAT.

CLICK on the red button below to get YOUR FREE SHAKEOLOGY SAMPLE.  I am giving away SHAKEOLOGY samples to 20 people this month. BE one of those people.

Four Shakeology Flavors


Please know that I purchase the Shakeology samples that I am offering to you and would ask that you respect this with only serious inquiries (one sample per customer please).

Note: If you are already working with a coach, out of respect for that relationship, please ask them for a free sample.

To get your free sample today please use the link below to send me a personal request. I’d like to get to know you and your needs so that I can send along some additional information as well.

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