FREE Two-Week Perimeno Strong Support Group

Hey Peri-meno sisters, let’s talk!

1. PERIMENOPAUSE is OVERWHELMING to deal with — daily bloat, hot flashes, stubborn weight gain around our tummies, excessive bleeding from fibroids, mood swings, and brain fog. It can feel like war is raging inside us!

2. Losing pounds or even just MAINTAINING our weight feels almost IMPOSSIBLE — it’s UNMOTIVATING to work on wellness, when NOTHING seems to work anymore.

3. We can feel so hormone affected that our relationships suffer. We’d do almost ANYTHING to feel, look and act like OURSELVES again. Can you relate?

Last spring, I went from being 30 lbs overweight — sluggish, unmotivated, struggling with fibroids and feeling totally at the mercy of my own body — to now having massive energy, trimming my thick tummy and beginning to train for my first FIGURE COMPETITION.

I went from one of the heaviest, most unfocused, blame-shifting, depressed, lowest self-esteem times of my entire life to BELIEVING I cannot only move the needle on the scale a little, but COMPLETELY gain control of my health and wellness and sculpting my body into body builder SHAPE.

I almost can’t BELIEVE it, but it’s true. For the first time in YEARS, I have HOPE that I will not only SURVIVE #perimeno and its laundry list of nasty symptoms, but I will THRIVE through it.

The nutrition and fitness plan I have in place are just THAT GOOD–and I have RESULTS to prove it.

1. Down 2 sizes in 8 weeks-especially off of my ‘thick’ middle

2. New motivation to jump out of bed in the morning; no more hitting the snooze button

3.  No more afternoon carb cravings, binge sessions and guilt trips

4.  Reduced fibroid symptoms–it’s great to be able to leave the house every day of the month!

5.  A bright future–I am dreaming, planning, and working towards my goals again, starting with a figure competition with my 69-year old mom in June 2018

And now I also want to pay it forward. I’d love to help YOU find your way back to feeling energetic, comfortable in your own skin, free of dismaying symptoms, and motivated to enjoy your life.

1.  MEAL PLAN–specifically designed for perimenopause sufferers who have struggled to keep the weight off, especially around their tummies, and who want relief from fibroid and hormonal imbalance symptoms.

2.  WORKOUTS–a huge online catalog of individualized choices geared toward reducing inflammation, burning fat, stimulating metabolism and providing energy.  There truly IS a workout for EVERYbody.

3.  SUPPORT–unlimited coaching from me.  As long as you are my client and you are working on your health, I will support you every step of the way.

4.  COMMUNITY–and online group of like minded women who understand what you’re going through and want to connect and grow together through perimenopause and hormone imbalance.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to get a handle on your #perimenopause and other #hormonalimbalance symptoms, once and for all.? My next group starts September 5th. Come join other women who understand what you’re going through and who will walk with you as you KICK perimeno in the rear and RECLAIM your body and life. 

Spaces in the group are filling up fast.  Please fill out the form below to reserve your spot!