Blackberry Freezer Jam

Blackberry Freezer Jam

It’s well known that fruit is not a prominent item on a low-carb/high-fat menu.  That said, when you DO eat a bit of fruit, let it be the powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial blackberry.  With this recipe, you can have your jam and eat your blackberries too, or something like that.


1 lb fresh blackberries
½ cup monk fruit or coconut flower sugar (or other no-low/glycemic natural sweetener)
½  cup MCT or organic coconut oil
2 T chia seeds
2-3 T minced fresh basil
½ t cardamom

In medium saucepan on low, combine berries, monk fruit and oil.  Simmer for a few minutes until berries start to break down, add chia seeds, cardamom and basil, simmer until all ingredients are well incorporated.  Remove from stove, pour into individual jam jars and cool.  Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks OR freeze with airtight lids for several months.

*The MCT oil helps to balance out the carbs and fat in this recipe.  Make sure to use mct and not just coconut oil since MCT will not solidify once cooled.

Per 1 T serving: 65 Calories, 7 g Fats, 1g Net Carbs, and 2.5g Protein


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August 5, 2017

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