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Here at Posh for Pennies, none of us wants to pay a ton of money for wellness programs and products.  And we REALLY don’t want to pay for that stuff that does NOT work.

So that’s why we ONLY back programs, products and services that DO work, are proven, natural, healthy and AMAZING.  But, it can be dizzying…which stuff?

Well, there are a lot of fitness options that can work for you and o not cost a fortune.  The products and services I trust, though come from the company BEACHBODY, the absolute world leader in effective home fitness.

That’s why my team and I actually host monthly FREE fitness groups where people use the products, hub together in a cool app and share their results.  It’s super fun, affordable and EFFECTIVE.  Total win.

The Best Deal

I’m always trying to help myself and my friends get the absolute best rock-bottom-priced amazing deals. This deal right here fits that bill.

For less than $9/month ALL year, you get ALL of this:

  • Celebrity trainer-created workout
  • Tailored meal plan
  • Easy to follow daily workout schedule
  • Superfood drink
  • FREE unlimited coaching
  • $20 Amazon gift card


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But that’s not all.  There are a TON of natural wellness products, total fitness packages and amazing DEALS that you can snag! Click the button below and check ’em out.

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STILL Not Sure What You Want or Need?

There are always a TON of Posh for Pennies deals to nab.  You can also CONNECT with me personally in order to:

  • get hooked up with a program that works for you,
  • learn about the amazing benefits of Shakeology or:
  • join our next monthly FREE wellness group.


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